Friday, 30 September 2011

Acrylicana Shoes

These shoes are absolutely amazing I wish I could have all of them. Sadly with my lack of funds I can't even justify buying one pair. You can look at Acrylicana here and buy the shoes from here.

Edit to linked URL. Splash page fixed as well. It’s too difficult to update this via phone. x.x

Acrylicana shop has moved to Apparel Dynasty! :)
It is ready, working, and has FABULOUS party party time and poison apples pumps. Yay!

Enjoy. :)

Another Deer Stencil.

I haven't done much stencilling over the summer. In fact I only cut one, another deer. I'm really sorry about the quality of the picture I had to take it with my webcam because my camera is cocking up and wont turn on.
 I'll repost another picture either when I get a new camera or if I knick one of my friends.

Faux Pas

A friend of mine holds an event night one a month in a club called monkey in Swansea (It's called Faux Pas, If your interested look for it on Facebook.). He asked me to create a design for a t-shirt, he wanted it to be a fox because people keep mispronouncing the name.

This is the photo I used for reference (It's so cute, I want one!). He also said he want it to be drawn in the style of candy skulls and to have a diamond in the centre of its forehead. This is the final drawing I gave to him.

I'm really pleased with how it has turned out. I sent it to him in April and it's finally been printed. It looks awesome.

Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger ft. Christina Aguilera

I absolutely love this song, It's amazing!! Also the lead singer is really hot.

New Uni Project

 I haven't been on here in ages, I wish I could say that I've been really busy but that would be lying. I could back to uni on the 4th so I'm starting a new project about birds and I've decided that I want to start it off by looking at how animals play a part in different mythologies. I've looked at Celtic, Norse, Greek, and at the moment I'm looking at Native American. Whilst looking for pictures I came across these and thought they were amazing.